Welcome to my website.
I've been a freelance comic book artist/ graphic artist/ editorial cartoonist/ illustrator for the last 30 years.
Feel free to check out my new series the supernatural western "Shadow of the West" #1-6 now uploaded. Please click on the link to view.
My wife Monica Sharp & I published our "Chronicles of PANDA KHAN" comic book series in the 1980's and '90s.
Click on the blue Panda Khan title above to read scans of that entire series and other Brotherhood of P'an stories (like TALES OF THE BROTHERHOOD) that were published elsewhere,
Monica and I are working on getting all the Panda Khan stories re-lettered and colored and put together as a graphic novel. Details to follow on this website… 
Read Monica's blog PANDEMIC to learn what we're doing lately. or go to my Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/davegarciaart or see my deviantArt PandaKhan-DaveGarcia
 in the meantime…
I'll be at SD Comic Fest October 17-19th in Mission Valley San Diego on their Artist Alley http://www.sdcomicfest.org/artist-alley/
Some background...
Peter Laird contacted me to adapt the '80's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES cartoon show storyboards for the very first issue of Archie's Comics TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ADVENTURES "Return of the Shredder".
I kept working on that series with Michael Dooney, Ken Mitchroney, Steve Bissette, and others in the early years. Pete and Kev asked us if Panda Khan could join the original Playmates TMNT toy line as a good guy action figure. Click this link "TMNT ADVENTURES" to see original art, photos and more.
I worked with creator Ben Edlund on the original "TICK" comic book series and continued drawing New England Comics spin-offs such as "PAUL THE SAMURAI" and a host of  "TICK" comics.
I drew Steven Spielberg's "TINY TOON ADVENTURES" for Warner Bros. foreign publishing.
I've drawn illustrations for Bantam Books, Fox Kids, Starlog Magazine, and numerous regional and local magazine and book publishers.
I work with a number of advertising and design studios in both northern and southern California, working on projects ranging from business logos and mascots, lobby posters, album covers, full color T-shirt designs, to Disney's Vista credit union's annual reports in "comic book" and "Golden Book" form.
I draw weekly editorial cartoons for my local desert print newspaper, the Imperial Valley Press, here in California.
I dig history and westerns. I love B movies, animation, horror, and Sci-Fi.

  Click the "sketchbook" link to see drawings & photos from conventions and appearances. Click  "Editorial Cartoons" to see those. I like drawing commissions featuring classic, original, and just plain cool genre characters. If you're interested in an original drawing or original comic art pages, my Contact info is on the "Contact Us" page.

All original art © Dave Garcia- (except where noted)
Panda Khan Logos & Shadow of the West Logo by designer Frank Limon
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Philip Jose Farmer's Barnstormer of Oz
Commission: The Barnstormer of Oz
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Panda Khan
Super Duck vs Panda Khan- Commission
Wonderwoman © DC comics
click image to Read Panda Khan issue 3
Illustration by Dave Garcia-Ad ©Redbeard.com
Private Commission
Vista Annual Report "Golden Book"
the TICK © Ben Edlund
belmont park (colorpencil)- Private Commission
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wedding invitation©Warner Bros.
Cover Art, "Elvis Shrugged"
Private Commission
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Marker Rough
Product Illustration
she likes big hoses
Private Commission
Sin City © Frank Miller-Private Commission
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Vampire Bill-Private Commission
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Bride of Frankenstein and the Monster © Universal Original art © Dave Garcia
Panda Khan and PK

Panda Khan was born in 1981. Our son was born in 1983. Dave and I discussed a lot of names...we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, so if it was a girl, we were going to name him after my sister who had died in a car accident in 1979, a week before her 22nd birthday, but we had debated and gone through a lot of male names. Dave was named after his father, which had caused a lot of confusion when he was little, and then when he was in school, there had been 2 other David Garcias in his class, which followed him grade after grade in his small hometown, until he graduated high school.

So, he didn't want a Dave Jr. We chose Philip after two of our favorite authors, Philip Jose Farmer, and Philip K. Dick, and Kirk after our favorite Starship captain, never once realizing that a son named Philip Kirk would have initials that would be the same as abbreviating Panda Khan , because we NEVER abbreviated Panda Khan to initials. We called him Khan and P-Khan. And we did have a boy, and the day he was born, Dave started calling him PK, and soon, so did everyone else. Our baby didn't even know his name was Philip until preschool. His cousins told him his initials stood for Paid Killer or Poor Kid, depending on whether or not he got into trouble.  But later, people who didn't know us well assumed we named him Panda Khan. How egotistical would we have to be to do that to a kid?? He wrote his name as PK until kindergarten, when one day he decided to write Philip, but it turned out he was dyslexic, and writing Philip Sharp-Garcia (Dave had decided his last name should be Sharp-Garcia --Did you know Garcia is the 8th most common name in the United States? I didn't, not until after I married him-- to differentiate him from all the other Garcias in town) was just way too much to memorize. So thank Daddy his name was PK, and that Sharp only had 5 letters, because for several years, PK signed all his papers, "PK Sharp". PK couldn't memorize words that had six letters (G-A-R-C-I-A). PK and I are collaborating on a Panda Khan X-Khan story, and he's scripting a story for his Dad's SHADOW OF THE WEST as well. He's an archeologist who loves to LARP (live-action roleplay) using historical characters with supernatural, fantasy, and science fiction elements mixed with history. This is fun.


Dave is on deviantART.com now as PandaKhan-DaveGarcia. He couldn't be just "Panda Khan" because someone else had already taken that name. Dave created the name Panda Khan in 1981 when he painted a panda holding a kendo staff wearing traditional Chinese sparring robes. He envisioned that panda as emperor of all pandas, therefore the Panda Khan. That was my Valentine present for our first year of marriage, and the cover of the first issue of The Chronicles of Panda Khan. The original painting is in our living room, watching over us.
You might think that the first Panda Khan doesn't resemble pandas in the wild that much. His face was based on the first dog we had together, Bruce. My little sister Andra found a stray dog somewhere and brought him home, and we took him to live with us in San Diego.

the Sharp-Garcia family circa 1985
Poor Kid, Paid Killer circa 1985
Shadow of the West #6
CLICK on image above for SHADOW OF THE WEST issue 6 © Dave Garcia
Paul the Samurai © Ben Edlund
Riverside, CA Mission Inn- Marker Rough
Tick © Ben Edlund
Vista Annual Report "Comic Book"
DOC SAVAGE, Man of Bronze © Conde Nast
Ad Art
Marker Rough for Vista Credit Union
Minutemen © DC comics- Private Commission
Ad Art©Redbeard.com
© Rogue pictures
© Archie comics
Superman © DC comics- Private Commission
Click on Interior Art "Shadow of the West" #2
Klingons © Paramount
Click on interior art "Shadow of the West" #3
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polar bear school mascot designs
Caricature of outgoing IV PRESS editor. Click to see Editorial Cartoons
Panda Khan#2
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TMNT commissions -rough & finished click on image
tOkKa :: !! terrible2z.com's customization of Playmates Toys TMNT Panda Khan
Kagome praying, Bug & Tatsu harmonizing. Click to see more
Cook Book © Dave Garcia
Assorted Vehicle Art for T-shirts
Rough Sketch & Final Art
Marker Design Mock-Up
Mad Eye Moody © JK Rowling
Mother#@%! Jedi © Lucasfilm
CHRONICLES OF PANDA KHAN #1 cover - original 1981 oil painting
Boris Karloff in the Mummy© Universal Studios
Librarian Rough Sketch & Finished Art © Dave Garcia
Coloring Book Front Cover
Doc & Indy Starlog Cartoon © Lucasfilm © Conde Nast
Panda Khan pen & ink
ROGUE © Marvel comics
Chancellor Gowron of the Klingon Empire © Paramount
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