I've been a freelance comic book artist/ graphic artist/ editorial cartoonist/ illustrator for the last 30 years.
My wife Monica & I published our "Chronicles of PANDA KHAN" comic book series in the 1980's and '90s. Click on the blue Panda Khan title above to read scans of the entire series and more.
Peter Laird contacted me to adapt the '80's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES cartoon show storyboards into Archie's Comics "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ADVENTURES" Return of the Shredder. I kept working on that series with Michael Dooney, Ken Mitchroney and others in the early years.
I worked with creator Ben Edlund on the original "TICK" comic book and continued drawing New England Comics spin-offs such as "PAUL THE SAMURAI" and a host of  "TICK" comics.
I drew Steven Spielberg's "TINY TOONS ADVENTURES" for Warner Bros. foreign publishing. I'veve drawn illustrations for Bantam Books, Starlog Magazine, and numerous regional and local magazine and book publishers.
I work with a number of advertising and design studios in both northern and southern California, working on projects ranging from lobby posters, full color T-shirt designs, to Disney's Vista credit union's annual reports in "comic book" and "Golden Book" form.
I like drawing classic, original, and just plain cool genre characters. I dig history and westerns. I love B movies, animation and Sci-Fi.
Welcome to my website. Feel free to check out my new series the supernatural western "Shadow of the West" #1-6 now uploaded. Please click on the link to view.

  Click "sketchbook" to see drawings & photos from conventions and appearances. Click  "Editorial Cartoons" to see those.

All original art © Dave Garcia- (except where noted)
Panda Khan Logos & Shadow of the West Logo by designer Frank Limon
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Philip Jose Farmer's Barnstormer of Oz
Commission: The Barnstormer of Oz
Characters © their original creators
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Panda Khan
Super Duck vs Panda Khan- Commission
Wonderwoman © DC comics
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Illustration by Dave Garcia-Ad ©Redbeard.com
Private Commission
Vista Annual Report "Golden Book"
the TICK © Ben Edlund
belmont park (colorpencil)- Private Commission
Click on Interior Art "Shadow of the West"
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wedding invitation©Warner Bros.
Cover Art, "Elvis Shrugged"
Private Commission
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Marker Rough
Product Illustration
she likes big hoses
Private Commission
Sin City © Frank Miller-Private Commission
"Spider Snack"
Click on Shadow of the West #4
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Vampire Bill-Private Commission
Art by Dave Garcia-Paul the Samurai © Ben Edlund
Shadow of the West #6
CLICK on image above for SHADOW OF THE WEST issue 6 © Dave Garcia
Riverside, CA Mission Inn- Marker Rough
Tick © Ben Edlund
Vista Annual Report "Comic Book"
DOC SAVAGE, Man of Bronze © Conde Nast
Ad Art
Marker Rough
Minutemen © DC comics- Private Commission
Ad Art©Redbeard.com
© Rogue pictures
© Archie comics
Superman © DC comics- Private Commission
Click on Interior Art "Shadow of the West" #2
Klingons © Paramount
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CLICK ON Cover of Panda Khan #4
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polar bear school mascot designs
Caricature of outgoing editor
Panda Khan greeting card
Paper Doll
Cook Book © Dave Garcia
Assorted Vehicle Art for T-shirts
Rough Sketch & Final Art
Marker Design Mock-Up
Mad Eye Moody © JK Rowling
Mother#@%! Jedi © Lucasfilm
CHRONICLES OF PANDA KHAN #1 cover - 1981 oil painting
Boris Karloff in the Mummy© Universal Studios
Librarian Rough Sketch & Finished Art © Dave Garcia
Coloring Book Front Cover
Doc & Indy Starlog Cartoon © Lucasfilm © Conde Nast
Panda Khan pen & ink
ROGUE © Marvel comics
Chancellor Gowron of the Klingon Empire © Paramount